Tomato Harvester
T.H.E. Lugger

We understand the three main factors harvesters consider when making decisions (product cost, ac­countability and personnel). T.H.E. Lugger was designed and developed with that in mind.

Bin Washer System
Bin and Produce Washers

Our Bin and/or Crate Washers to wash and sanitize your bins and crates when they come in from the fields and/or before they leave to the fields.


Use the Produce Washer to run your produce through a sanitizing waterful and a fresh water rinse. This combination of washer systems will make sure the potential for contamination is at a minimum!

Conveyor System

We offer customized machinery at a competitive price. If your company is in the market for new machinery, would like to update your current machines, or if you have a special application, we can manufacture a system to meet your particular needs. We stand behind our products and promise that you will be 100% satisfied.



Salazar Machine & Steel, Inc. specializes in machinery for the agriculture industry. From conveyor systems to structural steel designs to innovative machinery such as our patented Bin Washer GCS©, we do it all! 

With over 35 years of experience in the produce, farming and manufacturing industries, we have the skills to execute high volume programs and add quality and value to all the
companies we work with. Our work has also been showcased in Fresh Cut Magazine.




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